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The Top 10 Rivers to Float in the Ozarks

Floating down a river on a hot day is one of the best ways to enjoy the Ozarks’ natural beauty. Here are the top 10 rivers to float in the Ozarks, chosen for their accessibility, beautiful landscapes, and good floating conditions:

  1. Buffalo National River, AR: The first National River in the United States, Buffalo River offers a range of floating experiences from calm pools to mild rapids.
  2. Current River, MO: Known for its clear and cool water, Current River provides excellent floating conditions nearly year-round. It’s also part of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.
  3. Jack’s Fork River, MO: This tributary of the Current River is a favorite among locals, providing scenic views and a great wildlife experience.
  4. Eleven Point River, MO: Located in the Mark Twain National Forest, Eleven Point River offers a wilderness experience and numerous springs along the way.
  5. White River, AR/MO: The White River runs for over 700 miles and offers beautiful views and plenty of opportunities for fishing in addition to floating.
  6. North Fork River, MO: Known for its clear water and trout fishing, the North Fork River is great for a leisurely float trip.
  7. Black River, MO: The Black River is great for longer float trips, offering a chance to enjoy the more remote areas of the Ozarks.
  8. Meramec River, MO: This river is conveniently located near St. Louis, making it a popular choice for day trips.
  9. James River, MO: Located in the Springfield area, the James River offers a convenient option for those seeking a quick and easy float trip.
  10. Big Piney River, MO: This river is a hidden gem in the Ozarks, known for its fast-moving water and scenic, forested hillsides.

Remember, while enjoying these beautiful rivers, please be respectful of the natural environment. Take out what you bring in and follow all local rules and regulations to help preserve these spaces for future generations.

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