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The Best Cow Breeds For Thriving in the Ozarks

The Best Cow Breeds for Thriving in the Ozarks:

A Guide by Jake Lawrence, Ranch Real Estate Specialist with United Country Real Estate

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As a Ranch Real Estate Specialist at United Country Real Estate, I’ve helped many clients find the perfect property in the Ozarks region. A key question often asked by those planning to raise cattle in the area is, “What breed of cows are best suited for the Ozarks?” The Ozarks, known for its hilly terrain, forests, and grasslands, offers unique challenges and opportunities for raising cattle. In this blog, I’ll share some of the best cow breeds for thriving in the Ozarks, based on factors such as climate, pasture quality, and intended purpose (dairy, beef, or dual-purpose).

  1. Angus: The All-Rounder

Angus cattle are renowned for their high-quality meat and adaptability to a wide range of conditions. With a strong grazing ability, these hardy cows can make the most of the pastures found in the Ozarks. If you’re looking for a top beef-producing breed, Angus should be high on your list.

  1. Hereford: The Gentle Beef Producer

Hereford cattle are known for their docile nature and ability to thrive on the grasslands of the Ozarks. These good foragers can adapt to varying climate conditions, making them a popular choice for high-quality beef production.

  1. Red Poll: The Dual-Purpose Expert

If you need a versatile breed suitable for both dairy and beef production, Red Poll cattle are an excellent option. These hardy cows are adaptable and known for their exceptional foraging skills, making them well-suited for the Ozarks region.

  1. Devon: The Adaptable All-Rounder

Devon cattle offer versatility for both dairy and beef production. Their ability to thrive on rough terrain and forage efficiently makes them a great choice for the Ozarks’ varied landscapes.

  1. Shorthorn: The Efficient Dual-Purpose Breed

Shorthorns are another dual-purpose breed that thrives in the Ozarks. Their adaptability to different environments and efficiency in converting pasture into milk or meat makes them an ideal choice for many farmers.

  1. Dexter: The Homestead Favorite

Dexter cattle, known for their smaller size and hardy nature, are well-suited for small farms or homesteads in the Ozarks. These good foragers can easily navigate the region’s varied terrain and pasture types.


When selecting a cow breed for your Ozarks property, it’s essential to consider your specific goals, land size, and available resources. Consult with local farmers like myself and extension agents to get advice tailored to your situation. By carefully choosing the right breed for your farm, you can maximize your success and enjoy the beauty and bounty of the Ozarks region.

Jake Lawrence, Ranch Real Estate Specialist with United Country Real Estate

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